Advertise and WIN!

Advertising is key to any successful business.  You may think you are doing all the right things, but miss that one important step and sales start to slow down.  Advertising does not have to be expensive.  You just have to know what message to deliver for the best results and manage your position in the market.  This month’s workshop is designed to teach you more on what digital and broadcast radio advertising is all about, how you create a message, where it will be delivered and how digital and radio  go hand in hand to create the buzz you are looking for.  Whether you buy local or in another area, you’ll learn what questions to ask to ensure you are getting the best result.
Wednesday,  June 20 / Noon – 1.  Held at the Kosciusko Attala Partnership Office, 101 North Natchez Street
“We advertise not to compete, but to communicate.”
Please RSVP by Monday, June 18 to reserve your space. Seating is limited. 662-289-2981. 
Who should attend: Anyone who runs a business or is looking to start a business.  This is a Free event!