The Kosciusko Attala Partnership (KAP) and the Attala Center of Holmes Community College (Holmes CC Attala) have  collaborated to launch Attala Works, an initiative through the ACT Work Ready Community certification program that aims to measure, engage, and enhance the workforce of our community.

Attala Works utilizes ACT’s National Career Readiness Certification (NCRC) credential. The NCRC is built on a series of WorkKeys exams, with participants awarded certificates of Platinum, Gold, Silver, or Bronze levels. According to ACT, those scoring at the Bronze level qualify for roughly 35% of the jobs profiled by WorkKeys. Silver level indicates the skills necessary for about 65% of profiled jobs, while Gold reflects the skills for 90%.

Importantly, Holmes CC Attala proctors the NCRC for both job-seekers and those currently employed at no cost.

Various employers in Attala County and the greater region recognize the NCRC, and consider it an asset when making personnel and hiring decisions.

Register online for the National Career Readiness Certification (NCRC) exam or call Holmes CC at (662) 290-0808.