AbilityWorks is a network of community rehabilitation programs that provide vocational assessment, job training, and actual work experience for individuals with disabilities. This is possible through a wide array of contract and subcontract services provided to local business and industry.

Its mission to business and industry through its subcontracting program is to provide fast turnaround times, high-quality workmanship, competitive rates, credit rates, credit terms and speedy delivery. Some of the services and products AbilityWorks offers include collating and sorting, packaging and handling, assembly work, product reworking, product reclamation, grounds maintenance, housekeeping and quality reviews.


There is no better way to gain confidence as an employee than gaining actual work experience. At AbilityWorks, you will not only gain experience, but you will receive the support, counseling, instruction, and motivation you need to make it in the work place.  In order to participate in the AbilityWorks program you must be sixteen years of age or older and a Vocational Rehabilitation client or a referral from another source.

The staff at AbilityWorks will work with you to improve your skills in areas such as job-seeking, setting job goals,
work experience and work habits.


Specially trained evaluators will work with you to determine whether you can work and, if so, what kinds of jobs you may be able
to do. They will talk with you about your work and educational history; find out your abilities and interests; observe your work at
AbilityWorks; and counsel with you about vocational goals and opportunities.


If you have problems that keep you from working or living independently in your community, you may receive classes related to
specific problem areas, individual and/or group counseling, and/or referral to community resources.


During your time at AbilityWorks, you will perform work which is contracted by local businesses and industries.


After you leave AbilityWorks, you will be contacted to determine how well you are meeting your vocational goals.


The cooperative relationship between AbilityWorks and the business community is key to the success of the program. The work experience of AbilityWorks clients is made possible by subcontracts with local industries. Products are brought into the center where various operations are performed just as they would be in the industries that subcontract with the program.

Whether your business need is for well-trained workers who can be matched with specific jobs in your business or for products that can be produced efficiently at low cost, AbilityWorks may be the answer.   AbilityWorks offers fast turnaround time, high quality workmanship, competitive rates, credit terms, and speedy delivery to assure that the needs of businesses are met. Some of the services and products offered at AbilityWorks include:

  • Collating and Sorting
  • Packaging and Handling
  • Grounds Maintenance
  • Product Reclamation
  • Assembly Work
  • Product Rework
  • Housekeeping
  • Quality Reviews

Subcontracting with AbilityWorks is cost-effective for business because it frees up workspace required for labor intensive, low-skilled production and reduces the need for, and expense of, hiring temporary workers for seasonal production.  Each AbilityWorks facility maintains a complete production area and staff to meet the requirements of business and industry. Cost estimates are free.

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