The Counseling to Career (C2C) youth program, through North Central Planning & Development District (NCPDD), offers eligible youth work ethics training and an opportunity to secure a paid job to accumulate work experience with a local employer. The program serves eligible youth 21 years old or younger who live in Attala, Carroll, Grenada, Holmes, Leflore, Montgomery and Yalobusha counties. Learn more about the program and contact information for registration at:

Work Ethics Training

Each youth enrolled in the program will receive work ethics training. This curriculum has been designed to help youth with work preparation skills, communication skills, interpersonal skills, life management skills, decision-making skills, and customer service skills. Once the work ethics training is complete, the youth will receive a certificate of completion with the 26 hour course outline listed on the back of the certificate that can be shown to employers.


The C2C counselors will provide one-on-one counseling to develop a “truly personalized” Individual Service Strategy that helps the youth with short-term school/career goals as well as long term goals.

Educational Training

Youth who are need to increase basic literacy skills will be provided with tutoring to increase reading, math and language scores. Youth who did not receive a high school diploma and have not yet received a GED will be referred to the appropriate ABE/GED location within the county to work toward furthering their educational goals. Youth will also participate in educational workshops, mock interviews, mentoring, community service projects and develop their resumes while enrolled in the program.

Work Experience – A Paying Job

The C2C counselor will assist in finding the youth a job with a local employer where worksite supervisors will ensure that the youth use the skills that were learned in Work Ethics training and be a positive mentor for them along the way.

Youth will be paid for jobs worked during their work experience period for a limited number of hours. 

Comprehensive Guidance

Our final goal for each youth is to ensure that they have completed the short-term goals such as:

  • Increased basic literacy skills (if needed)
  • Completed the smart work ethic training receiving a certificate
  • Completed a GED (if needed)
  • Completed work experience
  • Enter college, military or become employed

The counselor will then assist the youth with preparing for their long term goals such as:

  • Furthering their education by enrolling into college
  • Receiving technical training
  • Obtaining full-time employment


After completing the program all participants will receive 1-year of follow-up services where the counselor will continue to be in contact with youth to ensure that the youth continues on their pathway to success!

NCPDD WIOA C2C Youth Program is funded by the Mississippi Partnership Workforce Area and administered by Three Rivers Planning and Development District and South Delta Planning and Development.