Kosciusko would like to welcome Graham Meriwether to our city for the viewing of his latest documentary, “Farmers For America” tonight at the Skylight Grille in downtown Kosciusko.
Graham is a film maker and Founder of Leave It Better. What can we collectively do to heal our environment, to leave our communities better for those who follow? What will our legacy be? Farmers For America. There’s a shift underway in American agriculture, a shift as surprising as it is necessary. With the average age of the farmer close to 60 years old, a new generation is called upon with the challenging and virtuous task of feeding America. Farms are disappearing from rural America, and with them, farming cultures and communities. Meanwhile, urbanites increasingly seek connections to the land through food, and demand for local and organic food soars beyond the current supply. Farmers For America is both a story and a call to action based on the critical question, “Who will feed America?”

Tickets are available at the Kosciusko Attala Partnership or you can purchase at the Skylight Grille tonight. Dinner/Cocktails: 6:15pm
Film Start: 7pm
Panel Discussion: 8:15-8:45pm