Aerospace Suppliers

An impressive roster of aerospace firms, NASA’s Stennis Space Center, plus Mississippi universities’ R&D/academic programs have placed the state at the forefront of the sector. Attala County and its immediate region are strategically located within the overall cluster.


Formed in 1961, the John C. Stennis Space Center is the home to the nation’s largest rocket engine test complex. More than 30 local, state, national, international, private, and public companies and agencies utilize the center’s rocket testing facilities.



The RASPET Flight Research Laboratory specializes in the design and testing of materials to support rapid prototyping for lighter-weight aircraft.

Founded in 1935, MSU’s Department of Aerospace Engineering is one of the most well-regarded in the country. The program focuses on the design, fabrication, testing, and analysis of aircraft and spacecraft.



Ole Miss is home to the Haley Barbour Center for Manufacturing Excellence, which houses research facilities with advisors from GE Aviation.


Southern Miss is home to the Polymer and High Performance Materials Institute, which is recognized as a national leader in the study of composites, advanced materials, polymers, and plastics.


Mississippi Development Authority:

Global aerospace leaders are calling Mississippi home in growing numbers. Compelling business advantages, like the state’s low operating costs, minimal tax burden, easy access to U.S. and international markets, and proximity to important military installations, have attracted numerous aerospace companies to the state. These companies are thriving as a result of Mississippi’s productive, well-trained workforce.

Mississippi is home to some of the world’s most renowned names in aerospace: GE Aviation, Airbus Helicopters, Rolls-Royce and Lockheed Martin. All rely on our skilled and productive workforce and comprehensive workforce training, supportive business environment, strategic location, low startup and operation costs, and cutting-edge R&D.