Process Industries

Attala County’s immediate region has a notable history in food processing that includes an impressive roster of firms. In addition to large, remote properties, the region boasts agricultural assets, headlined by nearby Mississippi State University.

Southern Miss is home to the Polymer and High Performance Materials Institute, which is recognized as a national leader in the study of composites, advanced materials, polymers, and plastics.


US Department of Agriculture (USDA) operates the Jamie Whitten Delta States Research Center in Leland, Mississippi. The center conducts research in many areas, including genetics and basic physiology; control of principal crops enemies; production systems and techniques; equipment innovation and development; safety and human health; and technology of pesticide application.

Mississippi State University’s Chemical Laboratory provides the analytical data to assure quality, labeling, and safety of fertilizers, animal feeds, human foods, pesticides, and petroleum products in Mississippi.

Headquartered in Kosciusko, Attala Steel Industries rolls, saws, touches, and galvanizes its products all at one location. The ever-growing company has seen great success in supplying the materials used for solar photovoltaic (PV) frames.