Atwood Fence Company


Atwood Fence Company, headquartered in Kosciusko, is a licensed contractor in Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana with more than 40 years of experience in the road building industry. Specializing in the guardrail, impact attenuators, signage and specialty construction, we have a reputation throughout the road building industry for providing accurate quotes, completing projects on budget and on time, and fulfilling the promises we make. Atwood Fence takes pride in its track record for tackling complex projects and getting the job done right.

Atwood’s mission: To be a dependable road building contractor, providing outstanding value, the highest quality products, superior service and workmanship to customers and stakeholders.With a 10-acre staging and assembly facility in Kosciusko, they maintain the proper crews, equipment, and supplies to keep our projects on schedule. Atwood’s facility is strategically located and has long-standing relationships with materials suppliers to better provide you with uninterrupted progress on every project. As a contractor, their management team and road crews do whatever it takes to keep the job on track.

Product Lines & Services

Constructed and installed according to bid specifications and meet standards set by state departments of transportation and the Federal Highway Administration. Our planners can help you evaluate site topography and soil conditions, and work with DOT engineers to choose the appropriate guardrail type and finish. Our crews are experienced in the installation of various types of guardrail, guardrail supports, and weather resistant coatings.

Impact attenuators
Can customize according to one’s needs various type of impact mitigation or ‘crash cushion’ devices for roadway bridges, rail bridges, barrier introductions or gore points. We can install either temporary or permanent devices for hazardous roadway situations and other highway safety products.

Signage division can fabricate and install signage with the resources and experience to provide you with the right sign for the job. Atwood Fence Company has expertise in constructing the most intricate sign structures, trusses, or standard posts to allow for the placement of dynamic signs, highway directional signs, or roadway signs.

Specialty construction
Installation of various components within specified road and highway projects. Our crews are equipped and experienced to tackle even the most complex challenges and can construct efficient, cost-effective solutions using high-quality materials.

Used guardrail
Stocks a variety of used guardrail and guardrail components suitable as a lower-cost option for parking lot barriers, landscaping, property demarcations and other purposes. Among the used components that they sell are W-beam guardrail, steel guardrail posts, wood posts, and hardware.