Dickerson Petroleum


Dickerson is a multifaceted petroleum, transportation, and services company located in central Mississippi servicing the surrounding area including Alabama and Louisiana.  Dickerson continues to grow its footprint in the southeast through exceeding customer expectations and providing innovative solutions for the growing needs of its customers.

Tanker/Bobtail; Common Carrier; Specialty Haul.
Dickerson has a qualified and experienced team of drivers and a first class fleet of trucks and trailers for delivering petroleum products anytime and anywhere you may need them. We deliver the products that you need – when, how, and in the quantity needed.

From 25 loads a week to one load a month, Dickerson’s first class equipment and drivers are here to make the delivery when you want it.  If requested, we can even manage your inventory and maintain optimum fuel levels based on the ever changing cost of fuel.  By doing this we keep your tank full when prices are going up and make just in time deliveries when the price is going down.

Dickerson has the equipment and expertise to pick up and transport any item you may need to move timely and safely.  From tanks and heavy equipment to generators and bulk material.